Digitized Boonton Times Newspapers

Browse the digitized Boonton Times at the Library!

Digitized newspapers in .pdf format are available for browsing. Research must be done in the library. Ask for the newspaper drive at the Circulation Desk. Browse using your own laptop PC or other device with usb port, or use our Local History computer.

The following years are available:

1870s: (1872-1878)
1880s: (1882-1889)
1890s: (all years)
1900s: (all years)
1910s: (all years)
1920s: (1921-1929)
1930s: (all years)
1940s: (all except 1943)
1950s: (all except 1958)
1960s: (all years)
1970s: (all years)

A digitized copy of Old Boonton and the Jersey City Reservoir is also available.