Minecraft for Kids

The library is excited to offer guided Minecraft sessions for children grades K-5! We will offer one 2 hour session a month in collaboration with TD3 Innovative Gaming. Kids will work together on Winter Themed Minecraft missions while engaging with STEM concepts. 

These sessions are limited in space, and there is no requirement for previous Minecraft experience, or a Minecraft account. Unfortunately at this time this program is incompatable with ChromeBooks; the library will have a limited supply of ipads to borrow for the program. We will be running a hybrid model with a Zoom component; the server will be closed and secure.

12/15-The Seven Lucky Charms: Players dive into a winter wonderland in search of seven winter-themed charms, equipped with a book and clues for their mystery exploration

1/19-Snowman’s Paradise: Players design their own snowmen on floating platforms and enjoy a snowball fight competition

2/16-Gingerbread Lane: Players compete to build the best gingerbread house on their own or with friends 

3/16-Polar Bear Peak: Players engage in a parkour competition to the top of a mountain where players jump from block to block, climb ladders and bridges, and bounce on trampolines

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Please indicate in the comment section whether you will be joining us online or in person.