Aug 192014

new sheetrock new sheetrock 2

It’s all beginning to come back together!
Work is progressing at a quick pace.
Keep checking for pictures and updates.

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Aug 192014

childrens room

This is a neat view from the reading room into the side Children’s room during the removal of the paneling.
The paneling is removed from the front room but is still hanging in the back room.
You can see the original layers of  lathe and board that existed under the paneling.
Also, the original wood floor can be seen.




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Aug 192014


The demolition made it possible to put in new supports to strengthen the ceiling and floor.

The yellow beams are the new super-strong supports. They were sistered in along side the original beams to make these areas stronger.

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Aug 192014

This is what the inside of the library looked like…

The ceilings and floor were taken out resulting in piles of rubble for the dumpster.

back entrance

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Jul 022014

4th of July Weekend: In honor of July 4 the library will be closed Friday, July 4, Saturday, July 5 and Sunday, July 6. Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!

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Jun 272014

Don’t forget tomorrow (Saturday June 28) is the Friends of the Boonton Holmes Library Lemonade Stand/Bake Sale and Summer Reading sign up….10am-3pm. See you there

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Jun 172014

side view

Work is in full swing at 621 Main Street! This is a view of the Church Street side entrance. It seems the book drop is blocked, so any materials in there will be retrieved as soon as possible and resulting fines will be adjusted accordingly.


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