Mindful Movement for Health and Wellbeing

Have you tried the ancient Chinese practice of qi gong? It’s a gentle way to rejuvenate and refresh your mind and body!

Our friend and qi gong instructor, Bianca Godoy returns with a new series of exercise sessions this spring. Weather permitting, the sessions will be held in the Holmes Library Garden. In case of inclement weather, they will be held in the downstairs Makerspace.

Wednesdays at 9 a.m. (Please note new time!)

Reishi and yangsheng, Qigong – EcoGano

Qigong is a traditional Chinese mindful exercise system for cultivating and strengthening the body’s vital energy.  Also known as “Meditation in Motion,” Qigong consists of a series of slow flowing movements, which gently stretch muscles, tendons and ligaments. These low impact exercises use both the mind and the breath to heighten awareness of the mind-body-breath connection. The slow, gentle movements of Qigong can be practiced by all age groups and can easily be adapted for the physically challenged.