Adult Book Group

Adult Book Group

Conditions permitting, we resume meetings in person — with a zoom in option.  If you would like participate remotely, please email to obtain your login informaion.

If you love to read and talk about what you’ve read, this one is for YOU!  We meet at 7 p.m. on the last Tuesday of the month.   Copies of the books are reserved for book group members at the circulation desk.  Titles are also available on our pre-loaded Kindles and on the Cloudlibrary.  

September 28

The Motion of the Body Through Space by Lionel Shriver. As Remington joins the cult of fitness that increasingly consumes the Western world, he burgeons into an unbearable narcissist. Ignoring all his other obligations, he engages a saucy, sexy personal trainer named Bambi, who treats his wife, Serenata, with contempt. When Remington sets his sights on the legendarily grueling triathlon, MettleMan, Serenata is sure he’ll end up injured or dead. And even if he does survive, their marriage may not.

November 30

The Queen’s Secret by Karen Harper. 1939. As the wife of the King George VI and the mother of the future queen, Elizabeth—“the queen mother”—shows a warm, smiling face to the world. But it’s no surprise that Hitler himself calls her the “Most Dangerous Woman in Europe.” For behind that soft voice and kindly demeanor is a will of steel. Elizabeth holds many powerful cards, she’s also hiding damaging secrets about her past and her provenance that could prove to be her undoing.

December 28

Title TBD.