True Crime Chat Group

Welcome to our new program, True Crime Chat!  Our aim is to discuss one true crime topic monthly, the topic being selected from group members’ suggestions. We will use and share resources, such as books, articles, documentaries, etc. before each session.  This program is open to the public and is held entirely via Zoom. For adults.

Registration required.  We’ll send the Zoom link out just before the program.  Interested? Sign up using this form to be added to the group’s distribution list and receive the Zoom link to attend!

Second Thursday of the month at 7pm via Zoom.

Upcoming topics:

Thu., September 14 at 7pm: Our September true crime topic is Raffi Kodikian.

From Wikipedia:David Coughlin was killed in 1999 in the desert of southern New Mexico, in the United States, after he and Raffi Kodikian got lost while hiking. Kodikian later pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, saying that it had been a mercy killing, and served 16 months. He was released in November 2001.”

That will be our jumping off case, we’ll also look at other instances of people who were not equipped to survive the situations they put themselves in a la Christopher McCandless (Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer).