Boonton Holmes Library

Today at your Library:

10:00 a.m.  All about Owls

All About Owls

Raptor Trust: All About Owls (ages 4 & up — fun for the whole family)
Saturday, October 27th 10:00-11:00
An in-depth look at the lives of these interesting, and often misunderstood, masters of camouflage. Learn the special adaptations that make these nocturnal birds of prey such amazing nighttime hunters, and get to know the eight species of owls that can be found right here in New Jersey!   Registration required, please.

New Adult Program Series

Fridays @ Holmes U

Are you looking for something fun and educational to end the week?  Look no further than our new Friday  workshop series for adults.  The series combines informative and educational workshops led by experts in their field.  A light luncheon and time for socializing is included in every session.

All workshops are free, but registration is required, please.  To register, click here.

Coding Club for Kids Starting October 15

In our coding club, kids will learn coding basics, complete hands-on activities, and work together to create fun programs! We will use block coding to create programs for our SPRK+ robots, and we will dive into Scratch programming to create animated scenes, games, and short movies!

The Coding Club will meet Mondays from 4:00-5:15pm. Space is limited to 12 members, ages 9 through 13, so call 973-334-2980 or email  to claim your spot today!


The Makerspace, AKA The Boonton Idea Works, is Open for Business!

Boonton residents are welcome to use the equipment in the new Makerspace.  We have sewing machines, power tools, button makers, and more.  Please check with the circulation desk for availability, and to sign in.