Feline Folklore

Tuesday, June 22, 7:00 p.m. via Zoon

Join storytellers and folklore experts, Dr. Sarah Cleto and Dr. Brittany Warman for an hour of fantastic stories featuring magical felines. Perfect for all cat lovers and people who enjoy a good tale.

As any cat owner/servant will tell you, cats are special in ways that make them more than mere domesticated pets. Human’s fascination with felines is nothing new. The cat was worshiped in ancient Egypt, feared as an agent of the Devil in early Europe, and celebrated and reviled throughout the Western world as a witch’s familiar, a creature of magic and mischief.

Cats have been associated with a huge variety of folk beliefs, folk magics, and folktales. But did you know about the enormous Cat Sith of Celtic folklore, the Norwegian Forest Cats of the goddess Freya, or the monstrous Yule Cat of Iceland? 

Of course, cats prowl through our fairy tales, too. We will quest with “Puss in Boots,” converse with “The White Cat,” observe the ascension of royalty in “The King of Cats,” and more. Sometimes they are kind helpers, sometimes they are dastardly tricksters. Frequently they are both in the exact same tale.

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